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A company’s hopes and messagesBtoC

Businesses help build the future.
Helping to communicate a company’s ‘hopes and message’, the rooms Presentation areaattracts all companies from large corporations to startups. It is a platform for not onlyshowcasing new products, but communicating the company’s hopes and aspirations. We helpcompanies with their presentation as well as PR strategies. rooms has worked with many of thecompanies with their booth design as well as product development.

How to Exhibit

Regarding audition materials

After applying for the audition, please prepare the following ‘Audition Materials’ ①~④.
There is no fixed format, and applicants are free to create their own.
All brands must go through this audition process separately.
If you have more than one brand, please prepare ①~③ for each brand.

① Material that shows the products *Please include prices
② Brand Bio
③ Designer Bio / Photo (Not necessary if the brand does not have a specific designer)
④ Company Information / Contact Information / Contact Person

How to submit audition material

Please send all materials to the following address and write 'rooms TRADESHOW Audition Material' on the envelop. *Materials cannot be returned.

Adress: rooms
6-31-15 Mansion31 7A
Jingumae, Shibuya Ku

Deadline for audition material

Results will be sent via post or email within a month of receiving the material.
We will send exhibitor registration information to those who passed the audition.
*We will not accept any questions or inquiries regarding the audition criteria or results.