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The first “Online-Merge-Offline Trade Show”

The beginning of new creative platform toward the world from Japan.

We announce that the Creation Festival “room 41”, held at Shinjuku Sumitomo building Sankaku Hiroba during three days from October 15th through 17th in 2020, was finished successfully.


ROOMS held at the new venue.

The theme was “Move hands.”

Deliver creation in a new era by the method of a new era.

“rooms41” was held as the first “Online-Merge-Offline Trades Show”. The online trade show was held for three months, which is still be open until December 10th, like interposing the real trade show for three days. We enhanced convenience and promoted business matching for both exhibitors and related professionals who were looking for suppliers and collaborators. We conducted live streaming from the venue to the customers who could not come during three days of exhibition, such as interviews to exhibitors and talk shows named “rooms ACADEMY”, which garnered good reviews.

Despite the hard situation affected by the coronavirus crisis, the number of visitors was unexpectedly many, around 14,500 people in total for three days. Especially, on Saturday, which was the final day as well as the Market Day, so many visitors come that we needed to control the number of people to enter the venue.

1016_16454-min (1).jpg

In addition to the new, all-weather and beautiful venue and digitization, those precious three days produced high-quality encounter and diverse connection, with the pioneering strategy such as the incubating projects to support next-generation designers; EMERGING that backs up creators in a new era and SPOT LIGHTS by TOMO KOIZUMI that was set up with the world-wide designer TOMO KOIZUMI to find a new talent.


We realized the creation nourishes, enriches, and colors people’s lives in all times. Again, we appreciate all the exhibitors, visitors and related staff who helped construction, transportation and guard at rooms41 from the bottom of our heart.

ROOMS 42 March 11th (THU), 12th (FRI), 13th (SAT)

Will be held at Shinjuku Sumitomo Bldg. Sankaku Hiroba

The next rooms 42 will be held at Shinjuku Sumitomo Bldg. Sankaku Hiroba on March 11th (THU), 12th (FRI), 13th (SAT) in 2021. 11th and 12th are open for professionals, and evening on 12th and 13th (whole day) will be open for general visitors. We look forward to your participation. Thank you very much.

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