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Thank you everyone!


​@Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium 

20,500 visitors in 3 days

Successful event with our first trial of holding on Saturday as well as direct sale

Aiming for the new platform involving the general customers...

We inform that the creative festival “ROOMS 40” was successfully ended in three days from 20th through 22nd of February 2020, at Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium.


The 40th event with 20th anniversary

What ROOMS enabled us to build is

“Creation” made up by “people”

“rooms40” marked the 20th anniversary, with the keyword “A Trade Show That Makes You Feel”. Through this memorable event, we strongly wished people to feel “Creation” and “People”, which stands for our company philosophy “HOW PEOPLE LIVE”.As we wished, it gave us the unexpected encounter with people and associations, and we could feel power of participants in those three days. We highly appreciate people who supported us, exhibited and visited at rooms40.

“rooms” is evolving to the new platform involving the general customers. We’re aiming for the next stage that enables the general customers to contact the creators directly, preserving the conventional function of business meeting with buyers or business matching.

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ROOMS 41 3rd (Thu.), 4th (Fri.), 5th (Sat.) of September

Will take place at Sankaku Hiroba (triangle place) of the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building

The next exhibition rooms41 will be held from 3rd (Thu.) through 5th (Sat.) of September, 

2020 at Sankaku Hiroba of the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building, which will be open in June. The location is convenient, connected to the Tochomae (Tokyo Metropolitan Government) station on Toei Shinjuku line.We’re looking forward to your participation.

Apply for the Audition of rooms41
rooms 41 出展者オーディション開催

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