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Apply for Audition


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Apply from the WEB

Please apply from the Apply for the audition button. Please select your desired area when applying.

* The audition application is not an "exhibition application".

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Send audition materials

(Deadline) Please send the audition materials by e-mail after applying for the audition.

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Exhibition application guidance

For those who have passed the test, we will inform you about the exhibition and application. Please apply by the exhibition application deadline.

① 作品が分かる資料

② ブランドプロフィール
③ デザイナープロフィール
④ 過去のディスプレイ写真

(催事・POP UPイベントなどでの展示写真があれば)
⑤ 会社概要(個人の場合は不要) / 連絡先/ ご担当者名

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Prepare all documents

Please prepare the following documents. With the acceptance of the documents, the audition reception will be completed.

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Pass / fail notification

We will notify you by e-mail or sealed letter within 1 to 2 weeks after receiving the materials. * We are unable to answer any inquiries regarding audition criteria and reasons for acceptance or rejection.

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About cancellation

If you cancel your exhibition application, you will be charged a cancellation fee. * Please check the application guidelines.

Audition materials

“Audition materials” are necessary after applying for the audition.

Please prepare the following five materials.

Any format is acceptable. The judgement is conducted against each brand.
If you have multiple brands to apply, please prepare the first three materials (1 to 3) per brand.

1) Material that represents the products

* Make sure to add the product prices.

2) Brand Profile

3) Designer Profile

4) Sample images of display at the other events

5) Company profile (if you are an owner)/Contact address/Person in charge

《How to send the materials》

Send the materials by e-mail with the title “rooms Audition Materials”.

Upon receipt of the audition materials, the audition will be accepted.

《Audition Result》

We will inform the audition result within one weeks to two weeks after receiving the materials by e-mail.

We will send the guidance of exhibition application to those who have passed the audition.

* Please note we cannot answer the inquires regarding the criteria or reason of the audition result.

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