What we think this country should export is“Sensibility”.


We have held exhibitions by conceiving worldview of various creators as its own room until now.

And we found our thoughts are getting stronger each time:

The thoughts that we would like to deliver pleasure and impression we find there to the lives of people all over the world.

People from various countries get gather here,

Get impression that they have never appreciated, and 
Tell that it is the creation in the future.

And then it will be added as new happiness of life.

The reason that the delicate creativity of this country exists 
is to amaze the world.

What is a creative festival rooms?

In 2000, "Creative Festival rooms" was started with the aim of fostering a community centered on creation and an economic zone. A total of more than 10,000 creators from all genres such as fashion, lifestyle, art, performance, and food and drink participated and mobilized a total of 500,000 people. Held every March / October in Tokyo, 300-400 brands will exhibit each time. We also hold weekends (Saturday) so that not only industry people but also the general public can come.

©️Shibuya Hikarie

Outline of the next event


Dates: October 21, 2021 (Thursday), 22nd (Friday), 23rd (Saturday)

Thursday, October 21st, 10am-6pm BUSINESS ONLY

Friday, October 22 10am-5pm BUSINESS ONLY

** NIGHT MARKET Friday, October 22 5pm-9pm FOR EVERYBODY

Saturday, October 23, 10 am-5pm FOR EVERYBODY

Venue: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square

Number of brand openings: 300 (planned)

Number of visitors: 20,000 (planned) (15,000 business people / 5,000 general people)

Creative celebration rooms features

Creative festival rooms that are evolving into a new platform that has both a business negotiation function and a product sales function. In parallel with business negotiations and matching, we can expect new business expansion through direct interaction with general customers and product sales.













Approximately 20,000 people (total number of people) visited in 3 days (15,000 business people / 5,000 general people) * Varies due to restrictions on holding events by the government Many from not only the fashion industry but also various industries such as interior, culture, and food Visitors will visit. We have many achievements in matching creators with companies, and we have the opportunity to expand our business in many fields.


rooms43 area introduction

We predict the future market and review the area every session.
Rooms, which are always thinking about contributing to society, will newly establish four areas with the theme of wellness, children, and regional revitalization in order to support the realization of a happy life and a prosperous society for people.



 New area  Dear Me,

 New area   SMALL SCALE

Fashion, jewelry, accessories, bags, leather goods, shoes, hats, etc ...

Sustainability, SDGs, bio ...

Wellness, Weruhi 's Boeing' s, human 's over mosquito' s emissions, human 's Yuti, CBD, Femme Tech ...

Jewelry, embroidery, pottery, flowers ...



Products, interiors, furniture, FOOD, flowers, greens ...


 New area   Roots

Folk crafts, crafts, ethnic groups, travel, crafts ...


Kids Goods, Kids Art, Toys, STEAM Education ...


Initiatives for SDGs

We support the SDGs and contribute to the realization of a better society through our business activities.


5: Through the project "I just αm", we are creating a place for creators to present their freedom of identity.
8: rooms has been aiming to revitalize the local manufacturing industry in collaboration with local governments and production areas through local industry projects since 2012.
9: We are working to develop foundations that are useful for small and medium-sized brands, such as online exhibitions and digital tools that support exhibitor sales.
12: rooms has been working with waste disposal company "Nakadai" since 2015 to supervise all the garbage discharged in the venue and recycle rate in order to review the way of the exhibition business that discharges a large amount of waste. We are aiming for 100%.
13: The fashion and design industries are having a negative impact on the earth, such as mass disposal and CO2 emissions. In rooms, we established an ethical area in 2013 and are promoting ethical consumption by picking up environmentally friendly products in various genres.
17: We will publicize these efforts to rooms organizers, exhibitors, and visitors, and work together to realize a better society.