[TOKYO no Genre]

The “rooms” project management team (part of H.P. France) will be starting the Student Creator and Incubation Project once again.
Those selected will receive special privileges, such as a free exhibition in the main joint exhibition space and the chance to show their pieces in a window display!

H.P. France, the company that manages the joint exhibition space “rooms EXPERIENCE”, will start a new project called TOKYO no Genre (henceforth TNG) for student creators and their incubation projects. Starting from the rooms EXPERIENCE 38 showcase from February 20th to February 22nd, 2019, we will accept TNG applications for every year’s February showcase thereafter. Just as the title “no Genre” implies, we will accept any kind of creation: paintings, graphic design, textiles, 3D compositions, ceramics, film, photography, music, media art, robots, fashion, etc. Applicants who pass the document screening will be allowed to present their work at rooms EXPERIENCE and will be eligible to win the TNG Award, selected by judges from various industries and attendees. The artist unit “magma” will participate as judges. The winner will receive special prizes, such as a free professional exhibit at rooms EXPERIENCE and the chance to have their work exhibited in a window display of an H.P. France affiliated store. H.P. France has always supported creators and their ideas since its inception, and this project was created to support and encourage the next generation of young creators to spread their wings and fly out into the world. Directors, buyers, artists, and professionals from many industries attend this showcase, so not only will students be able to express themselves freely, show the direction of their work, and gauge others people’s reactions, but also will be able to create a new community to share with many others.

The logo and main visual was created by the graphic designer Aiko Koike.

  • アーティストユニット magma
    Artist Unit

    The artist united comprised of Jun Sugiyama and Kenichi Miyazawa. Through using materials such as scrap wood and electrical appliances, they make furniture, products, and spatial art among a wide variety of other work.
  • ギャラリスト 坂井 俊之
    Toshiyuki Sakai

    The director of hpgtp GALLERY TOKYO. He evaluates new art at art fairs and company art projects.
  • クリエイティブディレクター 矢野 悦子
    Creative Director
    Etsuko Yano

    The H.P. France Planning Office Creative Director. She also is the director of “Lamp harajuku.”

[TOKYO no Genre]
■Date:February 20 (Wed) ~22 (Fri), 2019
■Venue:Gotanda TOC Bldg. 13th Floor (in rooms EXPERIENCE 38)
■Operation:rooms(H.P FRANCE S. A.)
                      8F Ohararyu kaikan, 5-7-17 Minami aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
03-3499-0822 /

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