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ROOMS JOURNEY 01 List of Brand


Hankyu Umeda Gallery & Art Stage

"It feels good to me"

Wellness market


"Meet GOOD Awareness"
Sustainable street

Hankyu Umeda Hall


Ethical art exhibition


Hankyu Umeda Gallery & Art Stage

"It feels good to me"

Wellness market

"Wellness market" where about 30 groups such as femtech, CBD, beauty, etc., which are hints for living healthy and happy, gather. Please choose the one that feels good and the one that is comfortable as you like.


H-11 New Stand Tokyo

New Stand Tokyo is the first “future daily necessities store” to land in New York. It opened in Roppongi, Tokyo in July 2020. With the curation theme of "What is the future standard?", From high-quality daily necessities in Japan and around the world to unique design items and cutting-edge tech items. We handle a variety of products that will become the norm for the future (New Standard).


H-12 Leon art jewelry created by 海と梨

Leon art jewelry is the only art jewelry in the world created using a unique painting technique. Our technology and experience are packed into the colors that are designed to shine the skin and enhance its individuality. The universe dwells in its brilliance. Our true desire is for you to find the universe within yourself after feeling the universe with Leon art jewelry.


H-15 和奏

It is a brand that conveys to oneself the heart and habit of giving thoughts to someone and treating them in a soft and fluffy manner.


H-16 アブラクサス

A fragrance brand from Japan that expresses a fantastic world view with scents under the theme of "self-releasing scents" that freely expresses diversity within oneself. It also features a natural and mysterious creation that connects with the rhythm of the universe by the perfumer Chiyo, who is also an astrologer.



With the theme of "Scent that makes you want to take a deep breath" in 2018, "Deep breath x 100% natural scent" that is kind to your mind and body, anyone can easily refresh and relax! I want you to take a deep breath using a natural scent and use it as an opportunity to balance your mind and body. With that in mind, we are a brand that "manufactures products with a scent that is kind to the body and mind."


H-20 Jojoble

Egypt with little rain and long daylight hours. The jojoba tree, which grows strong and strong in the energy of the sun, gives color and life to the desolate desert. Born from Jojoba, Egypt, Jojoble is a natural care cosmetic that allows you to enjoy the scent while enjoying the care of your skin and hair.


H-22 Girls Leap

"I don't want to give my daughter a sloppy feeling of taking out sanitary napkins." From that feeling, I thought of sanitary shorts that don't require a napkin to protect girls from sloppy pounding.


H-25 awajian

It is a brand that proposes a cooking method (recipe) to eat fresh ingredients from the selected "sea / mountain" that was born by utilizing the climate of Awaji Island (awajian) in a healthier and more delicious way. It is our pleasure to fill the daily dining table with a sense of happiness by taking the time and effort to enjoy the "Ichi-go-ichi-kai" that you can only meet during the season.


H-23 Mellow.

Mellow. Is a genderless delicate zone skin care brand that transcends gender. Femtech items are not limited to those for women. "A hygiene habit that leads to mellow skin that is unique to all people with diverse sexuality and beauty, regardless of gender. We are aiming to realize diversity through skin care.


H-27 ボタニカノン

The Osumi Peninsula is a combination of subtropical and temperate climates, offering untouched wilderness. Botanical Factory is a place where those plants are reborn for human skin. We deliver the essence of botanical and sustainable cosmetics with abundant raw materials and natural ingredient formulas. Botanicanon is a brand name that expresses the harmony played by plants in BOTANICAL + CANON (round singing).



Orient Stella is a brand with the concept of ethical beauty that is friendly to people and the environment. It is a product that protects the health of hair and scalp with a formulation that carefully selects organic ingredients that match the hair of Orientals and contains more natural botanical ingredients with safe quality. The quality is made with the idea of "designing a hair style by washing" with a prescription design that responds to hair problems that only professionals can understand by repeatedly improving it by the hands of hairdressers who are professionals in hair. ..


H-29 sunao

"Natural" that carefully searches for and uses high-quality natural materials, and "logical" that scientifically and logically considers the effects of skin and body care



"Food, skin, incense" and "adjust" daily life with Japanese herbs. "Freshly picked Japanese herb care" is grown in a form close to nature, without using additives or preservatives, and is made in a small factory in the mountains. "Setochi T & K Herbs" is a project brand that energizes the earth-friendly way of life and rural areas. Delivering "time to be surrounded by joy", "comfortable space" and "richness to live".


H-36 しょうが百花

"Ginger Hyakuka" is a polite product that meets the Japanese sensibility. Marseille soap, aromatic distilled water, and oil that have been used for a long time are inherited from the beauty of beauty and use domestic herbs that are familiar to Japanese life. With the power of natural materials, it leads to a rich skin sensation.



"ROSETIQUE CAFE", a collaboration product between a domestic rose specialty store and an organic rose original brand "ROSETIQUE" operated by flower designer Miwako, and a Ushio chocolate rattle that decorates edible roses, such as flower chocolate, has landed for the first time in Osaka.



Izumoto, together. Izumo is a country that has Japanese roots and the spirit of Japan. People's wisdom and traditions inherited from ancient times. The pride of serving God and making something to give to God. What do you really need? What is the real thing? We will connect you with Izumo's "marriage" with a product group that considers beauty and health made with such thoughts in mind.


H-43 P.F.Candle Co. / Brooklyn Candle Studio / FAZEEK / SURPOINT

<PFCandle Co.>
Inspired by the rich nature and lifestyle of California, the home fragrance brand "PF Candle Co." is supported by simple packaging, abundant items, and the attractive scent drawn by founding designer Christine. It has grown into a popular brand in the United States.



Just like changing clothes, nails change every day. A stress-free water-based nail polish that is mainly composed of water and is gentle on the nails. For those who can't usually color nails for the rest of nails damaged by gel nails with treatment ingredients, for beginners of self-nail.


H-44 Aurora Drop

Aurora Drop is a scent guide that supports everyone who works hard.


H-40 arkakiranah

Physical upset is the most obvious sign, but I think it is necessary to comprehensively consider what is the cause of the upset. Western medicine identifies the cause and treats it.
Many of the disorders do not have a disease name. We propose various approaches and products for staying healthy for the condition called non-illness that does not have a disease name and mental problems.


H-48 CBD(coffee)

CBD (cannabidiol) contained in hemp, which is commonplace overseas and is becoming popular in Japan. CBD (coffee), which offers beauty and health smoothies with CBD oil dropped and specialty coffee, has landed for the first time in Osaka.


H-51 プライベート漢方サロン Bloom

Unpleasant symptoms of the body that you feel in yourself. If you understand the reason for the symptom, your body will become lighter and your mind will become more stable. Beyond that, my talent will blossom.



The three major nutrients (fat, sugar, and protein) that modern people consume too much are decomposed by the power of enzymes. It entangles excess nutrients and waste products that are excessively consumed together to support discharge. Supervised by the Japan Holistic Beauty Association, an NPO that enlightens self-care of the mind and body.


H-55 寺田本家

A brewery who believes in the power of invisible microorganisms and works on sake brewing with the power of bacteria that settle in traditional breweries. We deliver fermented seasonings using koji and sake lees, including non-alcoholic fermented amazake, so that you can enjoy fermenting in your daily life by making the best use of sake brewing techniques unique to Japan.



Cotton seeds germinate from the soil and bloom and bear fruit. And the fruit becomes a raw material for yarn and weaves it into a towel. We manufacture unique towels that combine the techniques inherited and excellent water absorption, dyeing using discarded raw materials and ingredients such as vegetables, sake, and matcha made from the blessings of nature.



With the commercialization of the Ueda family's fermentation medium "Ueda family's naturally fermented lactic acid bacteria," which has been researching the fermentation of natural materials for many years, anyone can easily enjoy the fermentation life. The five senses as human creatures will be refined, and we will design a connection with the fresh natural world through bacteria.


H-55 アスパック

Intestinal activity food that you want to continue for beauty and health every day. Contains 32 types of organic plant fermented extracts that are tightly concentrated by the fermenting power of microorganisms. For those who want to keep their beauty and health, to prevent the imbalance of nutritional balance that is worrisome in their diet. It can also be a replacement for short fasting.


H-55 ベジキッチン

Directed by "Cynthia Garden Cafe".
We propose 100% vegetable original foods.
Enjoy your life, enjoy your meal!


H-55 結わえる

You can continue with the chewy and delicious "sleeping brown rice". Even if you eat and drink as you like, if you add "sharpness", you will be healthy and will not gain weight. We will propose and connect traditional Japanese life culture in a rich, fun and delicious way, in line with the senses of modern people and by adding modern technology.


H-59 Puntoe/ ニュアラ /jaai

"Nuala" silk underwear and room wear are dyed with a technique that minimizes the burden on the environment that has continued since the Manyo era, using powder and minerals that are finely crushed plants. By giving a stylish design a deep natural color, it overturns the image of traditional plant dyeing and creates a design that fits into modern life and fashion.


H-62 HOME PLANET 東京吉祥寺

"HOME PLANET" is a select store in Kichijoji that sells "daily necessities" that give you the creativity to draw a wonderful imagination in your daily life. At the shop, you can enjoy food and sake that are not bound by the country of use of the products you sell.


H-4  rooms SHOWROOM "POP-UP"

"Rooms Online SHOWROOM", a wholesale site for buyers that is not normally open to the public, will be available for the first time for a limited time. You may be able to meet new products before they are lined up in the store! ??

未定_GREENable HIRUZEN.jpg


Including an activity menu where you can enjoy environmental conservation activities like a weekend leisure, "Good for yourself = Good for the earth! The charm of "GREENable HIRUZEN" where you can experience "GREENable HIRUZEN" will be unveiled as soon as possible prior to the opening. The facility is relocated and reused by the work of architect Kengo Kuma, who was used in Harumi, Tokyo. The products introduced here are also rooted in the nature of the region, and we will continue to disseminate sustainable initiatives such as upcycling those that are discarded.


H-5  アート感のある暮らし

We will propose a colorful life by spinning extraordinary stories in everyday life according to the four seasons, such as artistic interior items created by creators who met in the world and tea that conveys a new tea culture.

rooms出張所 簡単地図-02.png

H-3 rooms 出張所

The creation festival rooms, which was born in 2000 and has been held more than 40 times in the past, is finally held in Osaka for the first time! The Rooms branch office introduces our activities so far. The staff is also resident, so if you are interested in rooms, please come and visit us at this opportunity.


 H-6  アッシュペーブチック

Opened in 2008 in Kobe's historic coastal building with the theme of "living in Kobe surrounded by interior art mode". We are proposing to enjoy life by loving the city that is common to Paris and Kobe, adding interior art to the mode that arrives from Europe.

未定_Juana de Arco.jpg


A lifestyle brand born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The most distinctive feature is that all products with positive and cute colors are one-of-a-kind. As a tool to bring out the sensibility and inner side of women and "express" them, we develop lingerie, yoga wear, hand-knitted knitwear, etc., and propose a loving and enriched life.



BAUMM is a brand centered on backpacks by designer Lucas Desimone based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The paraglider fabric, which is discarded after 300 hours of running time, is upcycled, and all are made of unique pieces with a unique color scheme. This light and durable backpack is partly foldable and packable, making it ideal not only for town use but also for travel and the outdoors.



A new luxury brand proposed by Oscar Metzavato, the creative director of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Based in Rio de Janeiro, we combine fashion, art, culture, design and nature to propose a contemporary Brazilian lifestyle.



"Meet GOOD Awareness"
Sustainable street

At the venue with the theme of "Sustainable Street," about 50 creative and sustainable brands are lined up in a space that resembles a fictitious city. There are also live paintings of street art and a park with domestic roses.


St-1  ORGANIC MOTHER LIFE / Maison de Naturopathie / Arrowroot Ensemble

We have 4 organic beauty salons and cosmetic shops nationwide, and we are researching various domestic wild plants and herbs, agricultural residues and materials of abandoned cultivated land at our own herb garden and our own cosmetics factory in Miyazaki prefecture. We offer <cosmetics and foods that make people and the community beautiful together> that were born there.


St-2  植物染料実験工房

There aren't many techniques for dyeing plant dyes with a brush all over the world. And the traditional technique of stencil dyeing, which uses rice paste to prevent dyeing, has existed in Japan for over 1000 years. Dyeing with natural colors is a creation that values once-in-a-lifetime encounters.