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Delivering the real voice of exhibitors


"A stimulating place where different opportunities are created and one's values and ways of thinking change"

  Exhibiting brand: Luka

――What made you participate?
I have exhibited at rooms about 3 times in the past.

Online is out for the first time this time.

――How was it when you actually participated?

It was a very interesting result, with many voices from companies that could not be connected at regular exhibitions, such as interviews with industry newspapers and online shops in Vancouver.

The big harvest this time was that I was able to experience the goodness and atmosphere of the online exhibition. Until now, I couldn't start exhibiting because I couldn't get an image of using it just by listening to the goodness and usage of the online exhibition. However, once you experience it, you will have a concrete image of what to prepare and how to utilize it.

If you are worried, we recommend that you join us first.
In addition, online is an exciting place where you can create new opportunities and change your own values and ways of thinking, so I would like to continue to consider exhibiting. When I first applied for an exhibition, I didn't realize that the service was so good. Services such as LIVE distribution and real showrooms are really substantial, and I think that the exhibition price is cheap overall (laughs).

mila milan.jpg

"I got in touch with you as soon as the site opened."

  Exhibiting brand: milamilan

――What made you participate?
I had an acquaintance who had participated in rooms, and was pushed by the people around me to participate.
Originally I was planning to exhibit at the rooms Tokyo exhibition in March, but it was canceled due to a state of emergency. That's why I participated in the online showroom.

――How was it when you actually participated?
At first, I wasn't used to creating pages for the site, so I felt a little difficult to prepare, but as soon as the site opened, the buyer contacted me (using the message function). There are about 50 connections, 30 of which have been negotiated, and 5 are currently talking specifically.

We are proceeding with talks about pop-ups at major commercial facilities and online shops that represent Japan. Online is also good, but I originally wanted to exhibit at the rooms Tokyo exhibition, and since the designers have repeaters to actually explain the products, I would like to consider exhibiting in real life in the future. I will.


――How was it when you actually participated?

I tried to create a page that was conscious of the buyer's perspective.
Information has been aggregated so that it fits within the range of 1-2 scrolls so that browsing is not burdened.
Also, at the real exhibition, I created an account as a buyer and thoroughly researched the "connecting function" which is equivalent to "business card exchange". By understanding the buyer's lead and understanding the “timing to connect” with the brand, we were able to sell without missing an opportunity.

"I tried to create a page that was conscious of the buyer's perspective."

  Exhibiting brand: Farmen Station

――What made you participate?

I was planning to participate in the rooms Tokyo exhibition in March, but it was canceled due to a state of emergency, and I had to do something to start it, so I decided to exhibit at the online showroom.

The good thing about online is that you can research the company after you've made a connection and before you approach it. It was very efficient to be able to prepare a proposal in advance according to the business content of the company and speak to it. Also, I think the good thing about online is that you can connect with remote people such as rural areas and have business talks.

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