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EMERGING will be a new plan to send out to the world while rooms support the discovery and training of new creators. The audition will be stricter than usual and it will be a narrow gate, but the exhibition fee to rooms is free. It is a plan to walk with creators aiming for the world with an aggressive attitude.

Beautiful clothes that make the place shine just by being there become reality when people wear them


Clothes that add feminine to strength

"I was very excited to find the rough stone."
Tomohito Matsumoto of Harumi Showroom, who has a good reputation for discovering newcomers in the fashion world, expressed his feelings when he saw "RIV NO BUHIKO". In fact, it's not so-called "easy-to-sell" clothes. However, just having the clothes makes the place gorgeous. There is something that makes people's hearts flutter.


"The image is a strong woman. A wild, self-confident, unaffected person. She affirms herself as she is, without makeup. She gives such a person a feminine element. I want to make clothes that can bring out the hidden charm of the designer, "says NOBUHIKO, one of the designer duo. "Originally I like second-hand clothes, and instead of remaking them, we add the value that was once valuable but lost. From that perspective, we choose second-hand clothes as one of the materials."

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A little off the trend

Mr. NOBUHIKO who met Mr. RIV who later formed a duo in St. Martins, London. Currently, Mr. RIV has a living base overseas, and now that it is difficult to enter and leave the country due to Corona, he is exclusively collaborating remotely.
"In London or England, recycling and reuse are familiar, and if you want clothes, how do you make use of something rather than buying new ones? Since I was in St. Martins, I've been to various old clothes at charity shops. I was inspired by seeing


Even now, seeing an antique auction site is like a daily routine. "It's not about doing something to get inspiration, making time to think about design, it's about looking at those auction sites, painting oil paintings, making music, and doing all sorts of things that you do on a daily basis. It feels like my hands start to move as I pile up. "

Sometimes, before drawing a design picture, the hand starts to move while touching the material.
"I will search while moving my hands. There is also such a way to make it."

Relationship between what sells and what is beautiful

According to Mr. Matsumoto mentioned above, "I will tell you that this is what is selling now, but it is the writer's freedom not to take it in," and of course NOBUHIKO says that it is the same.

"I had been in the Maison so far, and I should have evaluated my work by senior designers and people in the world of design, just thinking that it was" beautiful. " While I have to think about things, I need to make the part that I want to make and the work that is easy to understand and convey, but that is not a compromise, it is fun to pursue expressions that can be created only within the limits. However, I think of each item as "clothes that are fun just to look at" and "clothes that make the fun easy to wear".


Actually, we also prepare some sample pictures by ourselves, as well as the coordination plan "If you wear it casually down". At this stage, when the brand color has not been recognized yet, I want people to look at the clothes themselves rather than dressing them, so I haven't shown many such coordination plans, but people who wear clothes instead of just making them as beautiful things. "RIV NO BUHIKO" clothes are made, including clothes that fit into the lifestyle of.


In fact, there are also big ambitions

Some people think that the design of "RIV NOBUHIKO", which makes the difference from others clear, is more acceptable in Europe and the United States than in Japan, where you can wear the same clothes and feel at ease.
"That's why I'm happy if it's understood in Japan. Japanese fashion is evolving uniquely in the world, and the keyword" cute "is still there. I want to change it. It's cute, but it's not bad, I wish I could have more different things. "

I applied for "EMERGING" so that more people could see the work and know that "this is also good". "I was relieved to see more people than I expected and to receive various impressive comments. It's a brand that has just begun, so the sentence" chosen "is very encouraging. It was a great encouragement. "

Q  Favorite brand?

Prada from the 1990s to the 2000s. At that time, every Maison was attractive.

Q  How to choose when buying clothes?

There are many used clothes. When it's new, it's small and doesn't come. Rather, the cuffs are frayed and I like the reality.



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RIV NOBUHIKO is a wild luxury brand by a designer duo. The purpose is to incorporate the tailor-made ideas and techniques of couture into ordinary personal belongings and ready-made products, and to discover new value of couture that fits everyday, "natural".

Graduated from Nobuhiko Kohama / ESMOD TOKYO, Central Saint Martins BA Womenswear. After working at Dior, LANVIN and mint designs, launched RIV NOBUHIKO.
River Garam Jang / Central Saint Martins BA Womenswear Chief graduate. Experienced as an assistant designer at Hussein Chalayan, Celine.

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