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In September of 2000, rooms began as 12 brands that assembled together in a small showroom. With two exhibitions a year, there have been 37 events in total - and rooms has since grown to a major curation event in Japan with a total of 350 brands and 20,000 visitors.

it's rooms EXPERIENCEです。 It's rooms EXPERIENCEです。

rooms = a collection of “room”

The worldviews of each participating creator is treated as a "room," the collection of which constitutes the "rooms" in the exhibition name. By visiting different rooms, guests can encounter the individuality and brimming energy of different creators, being surprised and moved. By sharing that sympathy and emotion with others, new creations spread out into the world like amoebas, creating a community. "rooms" is thus a place that utilizes community-creation as the impetus for an alternative business model.

Sharing new experiences and
emotions with the world

After traveling the world and growing alongside other creators, we have come to see first-hand how our experiences and feelings lead to new emotions and discoveries that eventually enrich daily life. In this sense, rooms is also a place that seeks to develop "other kinds of" value.


6A variety of creations are presented together around 6 unifying themes.
The creations we present glow with a fresh wonder unlike anything before -
planned down to the finest detail, delicately crafted, a message emerges from their deep elegance and unique worldviews:
a desire to bring color to human life, to enrich our daily experience.
That is what we search for in Japan and seek to offer the world.



The venue is composed of six themes.
A variety of creations will all within the same 5000m² venue.

rooms EXPERIENCE 会場構成

*There is no single traffic line.
*Please take note that the layout of the venue is subject to change without prior notice.