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rooms began as a gathering of 12 brands in a small showroom in September of 2000. Through 38 events, held twice yearly, it has become a leading Japanese event, playing host to 350 brands and 20,000 people. More than just an exhibition, rooms is a platform to facilitate communication between creative makers and users. The plethora of encounters this generates give birth to new ideas and businesses.

ROOMS = a collection of “ROOM”

Conceiving of the worldview of each creator as its own room, we named the gathering of those creators “rooms.” Attendees visit a wide variety of rooms, encountering, being impressed by, and empathizing with creators overflowing with energy and individuality. Through this shared empathy and emotion, new creations spread, amoeba-like,throughout the world, building communities. rooms is a space that represents an opportunity to form new communities and connect with alternative businesses.

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